Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk is a quirky little game about walking your dog and is suitable for ladies and gentlemen of all ages and occupations! Lovingly crafted for all you gorgeous people by Monster and Monster – Purveyors of fine interactive wares and exquisitely made cups of tea. INSTRUCTIONS
– If your dog gets lazy then tap the screen rapidly to get him back onto his feet
– If your dog gets too excitable tap and hold the screen to keep in control
– Time a tap and hold just right and you’ll get dragged along with a speed boost!
– CAREFUL! Hold for too long during a speed boost and the lead will snap and your walk will be over
– See how far you can go without losing control of your canine companion

– Keep an eye on the lead. If it starts to wobble like mad then it’s about to snap!
– If you continuously do well you’ll be rewarded with shiny gold versions of ‘things’

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