Piranha Attack

Ready to Kill Some Piranhas!!!!!!!

Piranha Attack is a Thrilling Game for Fish Lovers and Piranha Killers!

Feed, Grow, Buy and Protect your Fishes from the Killer Piranhas… or they will Die!

Begin the Game with Feeding Your Fish….Watch them Grow Big.. Really Big!!!

Fishes drop Money… to Buy more Food, Fishes and Allies to Protect them from the…. Vicious Piranhas!

Keep your Fishes Alive… Feed them when they are Hungry… and Protect them from the Vicious Piranhas!

Earn Bonus Coins when Successfully Completing Achievements while Playing the Game!

Piranhas are coming to Kill your Fishes! … Protect them with your Allies!

Reliable Turtle – helps Collect the Coins!
Daring Sword Fish – will Charge any Piranha!
Dazzling Octopus – will Shoot out Inkballs!
Clumsy Blowfish – will Pump Out the Deadly Spikes!

* Feed, Grow, Buy and Protect Your Happy Fishes!
* Collect Coins for Food, Buying Fishes, Allies and Big Scores!
* Complete Achievements for Extra Coins
* Beautiful and Colorful Graphics
* 4 Cool Allies – Turtle – Blowfish – Swordfish – Octopus
* Colorful Vicious Piranhas
* Fun Characters and Cool Animation
* Simple and Challenging GamePlay
* Gigantic Fishes – Grow them Super Big!

You are going to be Addicted to Feeding and Growing the Happy Fishes and Fighting the Piranhas!

Exciting Action Packed Piranha Killing Fun!


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