Knight and Witch

Rid the world of the evil king and his monster minions.

Use knight and witch skills to eliminate all enemies and collect treasures across 35 levels of physics puzzle mayhem.

The Witch masters fireball (explodes on impact) and telekinesis (moving things around).

The Knight masters the spikeball (destroy things) and jumping.

An editor is also available from the main menu. You can share the level online or by a level code. These keyboard shortcuts are available:
‘1’ to select the witch fireball
‘2’ to select the witch telekinesis
‘3’ to select the knight spikeball
‘4’ to select the knight spikeball
‘R’ to reset the level
‘M’ toggles sound on/off
‘N’ toggles music on/off

For the level editor:
‘J’ toggles collision boxes
‘H’ toggles the editor panel
‘Esc’ to cancel placing an item
directional arrows to move a selected item (shift + directional arrows to move fast)
‘Q’ rotate CCW a selected item
‘E’ rotate CW a selected item
‘Enter’ to quick test the level
‘Del’ to delete the selected item

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