Papa Louie 3 - When Sundaes Attack

Over two dozen food fanatics embarked on a cruise aboard the S.S. Louie to celebrate the long awaited unveiling of Seaside Freezeria. The celebration turns sour as Radley Madish and his new muscle, Luau LePunch, commandeer the ship.

Using the Warp Coins, Radley and company unleash a powerful portal to pull Papa Louie and the rest of the customers back to the Land of Munchmore. There, they are caged and held captive by Radley’s growing army of Sundaesauruses — an army that our captive chefs are unwillingly forced to create under the harsh direction of Radley himself.

Meanwhile, the lone Captain Cori must trek her way through Muchmore’s wild terrain, battle fierce food baddies, and rescue her captive passengers and crew. As the customers are rescued, they join the fight as playable characters; each with their own unique weapon and skills.

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